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BabyPhone Deluxe (Baby Monitor) app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 960 ratings )
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Developer: Kirstin Hofkens - Mobile Applications
2.99 USD
Current version: 4.0.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 26 Mar 2009
App size: 22.01 Mb

THIS APP DOES NOT WORK UNDER iOS 10.3 - we are very sorry, this is due to a new Apple security policy.
BabyPhone Deluxe is a reliable baby monitor with unlimited range that will assist you at home and while traveling. Getting started is a breeze with the new, super easy configuration wizard.** Recommended by the iPhoneMom and many others ** Developed by parents and tested by parents around the globe! ** Since 2009 in the App Store **

Functionality: You only need ONE iPhone. BabyPhone Deluxe will call you on any kind of mobile or a land line if your baby wakes up. Now you will hear all sounds in the childrens room.

BabyPhone Deluxe outperforms common baby monitors in a lot of aspects: unlimited range, more mobility for the parents, excellent voice quality and an additional Recorder. You will have more freedom, save money and still care perfectly for your baby.

With the BabyRecorder you can record all sounds your baby makes. So you know exactly what happens in the childrens room in the night. You can even export best recordings if you like.

Some of the many advantages:
• setting up the app is a breeze with the configuration wizard
• unlimited range
• no interference with other baby monitors
• slider for the sensitivity when a call should be done
• phone number selection from your iPhone contacts
• filter for shorts sounds like coughing etc.
• automatic screen dimmer
• rock-solid stability
• events log tracks all activities in the babys room
• beautiful 3D-graphics

Please find a detailed manual on our website.

Some more hints:
• BabyPhone Deluxe only works on an iPhone (so no iPad or iPod Touch).
• We recommend that you connect the iPhone to a charger when the app is active.
• Please put your iPhone to dont disturb to prevent your child from waking up by incoming calls.

Pros and cons of BabyPhone Deluxe (Baby Monitor) app for iPhone and iPad

BabyPhone Deluxe (Baby Monitor) app good for

I cant believe how easy this is. It has all of the functions that Im looking for, monitoring, recording, and time delay. I really like the recording function. As a single father, I can mow the lawn without having to worry if my son is sleeping or not.
Works great now. Calls out or records as advertised!!! Great job.
Works like a charm on my 3G with OS 3.1.2, the app comes back up after each alert. The screensaver that turns the screen off after 3 minutes is a cool feature. The other baby monitor apps I tried simply keep the screen lit, dont know why...
We loved this app ever since! And now as the re-activation works again we are even more free and can go a little further away.
This is simple to say the best baby monitor app in the App Store. Reliable and easy to use. The overview of the activities is made very good.
Awesome product!! We bought a monitor to use while at our family lake, it did not provide the coverage needed but this application. It allowed us to play while baby is sleeping!

Some bad moments

I have a 3GS 32GB and recently bought this product but is not working on 3.1 OS or 3.0! Phone asks for a confirmation to dial number. Sorry but my baby will confirm to dial or what???!!! Arent you shame to sell product that is even not working ??!!!
We went for a quick walk. when returned, my daughter was crying like hell, no call has gone from my iphone. sensitivity was at max.
Calling another phone doesnt work, which renders this app useless.
I am unable to use this app since I installed 3.0: it does nothing when the sound level exceeds the threshold. Please update the app!
Good app idea, but if i cant use it with the current software version of the product it was designed for then it is useless to the consumer. I am ticked I spent $5 ($4.99) on "the ulitimate" (or something like that) app that cant even work on the phones they are marketing it for.
We bought this, set it up on 2 phones and neither works. We have hundreds of apps and have been iPhone customers sicne the start, so we are not newbies. This app is supposed to hear the baby cry and call the other phone. We put it on, the baby cries very loudly and nothing happens. Whats up?

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